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NOVOFER Iron Supplement Drops for kids, which contains 8 mg of elemental iron per serving (1ml) contains the following components: Sodium feredetate trihydrate, maltitol, potassium sorbate, pure medicinal water and natural flavor (raspberry).
NOVOFER is free of metallic taste of iron, free of alcohol, sugar, lactose and gluten. Free of artificial colors and flavors.


NOVOFER Supplemental Oral Drops is useful for 6 to 24 months old infants’ need for iron and is useful for all types of anemia such as iron deficiency anemia and especially in anemia due to iron malabsorption disorders. It helps to improve the symptoms of anemia and provide infants’ need for iron as well as children under the age of two who need regular and maximum iron intake.

Infants’ need for supplemental Iron

The fetus stores extra iron out of the mother’s body. These reserves are used during the first six months of life. When the baby is six months old, iron-rich foods should be added to the baby’s diet. Premature babies who do not have time to build up their iron stores do need iron supplementation.


  • High iron absorption levels in phytate-rich diets
  • Enhanced bio-availability
  • No metallic taste, Great raspberry taste
  • No teeth staining

Category: Suppliments

Date: 2020

API: Ferrazone Akzonobel

Company: TGH Pharma

Country of origin: Netherland