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Easycol Baby

Easycol Baby

Easycol BABY is a lactase enzyme food supplement specially developed for those parents whose baby suffers from colic due to transient lactase deficiency.
Easycol BABY acts compensating transient lactase deficiency in the baby’s digestive system, which helps hydrolyze the lactose that has not been processed by the digestive system, what will considerably reduce prolonged and inconsolable cries episodes caused by colic.
Scientific studies have shown a significant reduction in the duration of cries in newborns whose milk has been treated with lactase enzyme. This fact demonstrates the effectiveness of Easycol BABY.
Besides its complete safeness, Easycol BABY is an innovative and efficient product, as it does not cause any side effects, what allows its use from the first moment of life.

Category: Suppliments

Date: 2016

Company: AEI24

Place: Spain