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About TGH Pharma Group

Toseh Tejarat Ghatreh Hayat Ltd. (TGH Pharma) is a privately owned company established in Tehran – Iran which is the result of merging from 2 sister companies including Aydana Salamet Ltd. and Vision Salamat Payam Ltd.
All member companies are specializes in looking for qualified healthcare products all over the world.
TGH Pharma is considered as one of the poles of importation in Iran’s pharmaceutical market with significant influence, and highly well-known and active in scope of importation qualified health care finished products from all around the world. These products are mainly included: Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic – Hygienic, Medical Equipment, Some Functional Foods in addition to Special Nutrition for Human / Veterinary purposes.


Our Companies

Vision Salamat Payam

Vision Salamt Payam is one of the leading companies which is highly active in the field of functional food. We try to represent the most qualified products and provide the highest level of satisfaction by our customers. Vision Salamat Payam attempts to offer foods and drinks that have been enriched with added nutrients or other substances that are considered to have a positive influence on health.